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Your New Local HotSheet Is Out.

hot-text-fire-flamesThis edition of The HotSheet includes the most recent homes to hit Columbia, SC’s real estate market within the last 2 weeks. The areas include the zips 29201, 29204, 29205, 29206, and 29209, within a price range of $150,000 to $Zillion.

Remember!!… No big deal if you don’t want to ‘register’ to look deeper at a particular property. Simply type in my initials or the word “Blog” (or whatever you can think of “Cocks,” “Tigers”), and shoot in a random email address in the field. Even if you don’t want to register or ‘poser register,’ you can still get a good glimpse of what’s new to the market from the front ‘gallery page.’

If you or anyone you know would like more information about any of these Downtown Columbia properties for sale or if you’re interested in putting your home on the market, please call 803-758-1669 or email fjones@cbunited.com .

Side Note: If you’re interested in the most up to date real estate information (Yes, faster than Zillow & Trulia, etc) and Columbia, SC’s premiere browsing experience, take a look at www.CBUnitedMidlands.com . Even further, if you would like a glimpse of what your home may be worth in today’s market, take www.GuaranteedSale.com for a spin. Both sites are cutting edge real estate technology and are loaded with information.

Happy clicking and thank you!!

Franklin Jones

New Collection Of Listings On Market!


As I mentioned in a previous post, a new collection of good listings was on the way. Well, they're here, and the next wave of beautiful homes for sale has officially hit the Downtown Columbia, SC real estate market. Here's today's lineup. Photo … [Continue reading]

Live Beautifully @ Forest Hills – 29204.


Ever wanted to own a stately "Southern Living" magazine style home, but prefer modern appointed improvements? Welcome to 1223 Wellington, in historic Forest Hills in Downtown Columbia, South Carolina. Here's the MLS write-up: Sharp, polished, and … [Continue reading]

Wellington, Laurens, & Wilmot Hit Market.


Last week I posted that we had a quite a few listings that were about to hit Columbia's real estate market. Here's the initial lineup, as promised! Photo 1-1223 Wellington in Forest Hills-29204. Photo 2-1012 Laurens Street in the "USC" … [Continue reading]

2824 Wilmot Is For Sale @Shandon.


Readers of the blog...get ready for a string of listings we'll be presenting to Columbia's Downtown real estate market.  The first listing I'm going to publicize is 2824 Wilmot Ave., in Shandon - 29205. As you can tell from the street number and … [Continue reading]

Downtown MLS HotSheet Time!


This list is interesting.. We have an offer or have put a contract on two of the houses in the top two rows this weekend, and this house sold before I could get it on any HotSheet. #GoodStuff This edition of The HotSheet includes the most recent … [Continue reading]

Stellar Home To Close In ‘Greenbriar.’


Sometime Friday a "Big Dog" will hit Columbia's MLS system, as 5031 Radcliffe Road will be entered as "Closed." Almost three years have gone by as we've worked to make this win/win transaction happen. 'Radcliffe' is located in an area … [Continue reading]

‘Real Estate’ Will Miss Rhett Wolfe.


You may or may not have noticed, but the downtown Columbia, SC real estate industry came to a halt Friday afternoon. As Amy and I were hustling towards a rather smooth weekend, and I was trying to deliver a Pelican Ice Snow Ball to Amanda after a … [Continue reading]

Our Profession Can Be Dangerous…


As a warning to readers this is a pretty depressing article. That said, I know a lot of my Realtor friends read this blog and I want this to act as a reminder that everyone's guard should be up all the times. Like the article says, this business … [Continue reading]

100 Closings – Year To Date…


It kinda snuck up on me this year, but last Thursday we closed on our 100th transaction side of 2014. To be sure, 100 sales is a fun benchmark for three salespeople and a team manager. In short... THANK YOU, COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA!!! Per the … [Continue reading]