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3 Chicks In My Easter Basket.

FinleyTwinsFinleybikeThis Easter Sunday we decided to pack all the girls in a rolling basket and haul them around the loop. It was the twins maiden voyage around the neighborhood behind a bike.

You can see from the pics above how far we’ve come. A couple of years ago sweet Finley may have been the most protected kiddo in South Carolina. I mean, I think Jenn stuffed the girl in a plastic bubble slathered with Vaseline (so no one could grab on to it or pop it). I didn’t mind. After all, like all new parents think of their first kid.. Finley was the Golden Child.

Fast forward to today. We stuffed those loud baby chicks in the yellow buggy and strapped them in tight. When Finley hopped in I snapped it shut and started pedaling 60 pounds around like no one was watching.

I suppose there’s a moving/blurry line between today’s litigious/protective society. Remember the days we rode in the family car smooshed between the dashboard and that thick single pane smashable windshield?

Memories of safety issues aside, we all had a big time. Our Easter chicks had the wind in their hair and didn’t chirp a peep during the whole ride. I think they loved it.

Happy Easter Season. My basket is full!


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